DISA International Attains Safety Culture Ladder 4

Published on: 19/02/2024

In a significant milestone for safety culture excellence, DISA International has successfully achieved Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) Level 4 certification, awarded by the esteemed Bureau Veritas. This recognition underscores DISA International's unwavering commitment to fostering a proactive and advanced safety culture within the organization. 

The Significance of Safety Culture Ladder Level 4 Certification:

Safety Culture Ladder Level 4 certification signifies a high level of safety maturity within an organization. Achieving this certification indicates that the organization has gone beyond mere compliance and has actively cultivated a culture where safety is not just a priority, but an integral part of its identity. The certification is a testament to the organization's commitment to the well-being of its workforce and the proactive management of safety risks.

DISA International's Commitment to Safety Excellence:

DISA International, a recognized leader in safety culture development, embarked on a strategic journey to attain SCL 4 certification. The organization's commitment to safety excellence was evident in its comprehensive approach, encompassing key elements such as leadership commitment, employee empowerment, advanced risk management, continuous learning, and proactive continuous improvement.

DISA International's journey towards SCL 4 certification involved a collaborative effort with Bureau Veritas, a globally recognized certification body. The rigorous certification process included thorough audits, validations, and assessments to ensure that DISA International met the stringent criteria outlined for SCL 4 certification.

DISA International's achievement of Safety Culture Ladder Level 4 certification from Bureau Veritas is a testament to its unwavering commitment to safety excellence. The organization's proactive approach to safety culture development, coupled with the rigorous certification process conducted by Bureau Veritas, has positioned DISA International as a leader in safety maturity. This accomplishment not only enhances the organization's credibility but also sets a benchmark for the industry, inspiring others to prioritize safety and strive for excellence in their safety cultures. DISA International's success in attaining SCL 4 certification is a commendable achievement and a significant step towards creating safer and more resilient workplaces.