Wreck removal from A to Z

Our Wreck Removal department is an established and widely recognized contractor for SAFE, TIME EFFICIENT, COST-EFFECTIVE AND WITH THE LEAST RISK OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT on turnkey wreck removal solutions. It being full autonomic or integrated removal services, we have expanded our service offering to encompass our clients and their service needs.

With a long lasting track record and years of experience in project management, engineering, oil spill response, vessel management, management of marine operations including chartering of support vessels, environmental solutions, salvage diving, ROV operations, survey & positioning, underwater directional drilling, heavy lifting and pulling operations with chainpullers and winches provides us today the Wreck Removal specialist we are. 

Our WRECK REMOVAL services:


Full autonomic or integrated removal services:

The turn key or integrated solution are completely managed inhouse and incl. expert knowledge on:

  • Client representation and advisory (damage control)
  • Authorities intercommunication and negotiations
  • Environmental solutions
  • Media control
  • Exposure on risk analysis
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Bunker removal (Incl. inhouse Deep sea Hot tap tooling)
  • Salvage diving & ROV performance
  • Survey & positioning
  • Rigging & heavy lifting services (Total inhouse mobile lift capacity 16.000 ton )
  • Casualty / Wreck Transportation
  • Dismantling, recycling and disposal services
  • Subsea Directional drilling services
  • Cutting / Separation Techniques, Cross Application and Innovation

the Challenging world of wreck removal projects

Container vessels, cargo vessel, crude carriers, cruise ships, all are getting bigger and marine incidents are becoming more complex. Our professionals will contribute and assist in dealing with all the challenges these incidents bring to a marine and subsea environment weather it encompasses complete wreck removal, deep sea bunker removal or patching mitigation. We aim to achieve the highest safety and quality standards and complete any projects on time and within budget.


A selection of our projects in Wreck Removal.