S21 project


Client Zublin
Period 2019-2020


The Stuttgart–Ulm rail project is: S21 the complete restructuring of the Stuttgart rail node plus the construction of a new line between Wendlingen and Ulm. It is the largest upgrading concept for public rail transport in Baden-Württemberg since the 19th century.

S21 – restructuring the Stuttgart rail node

A total of 60 km of new railway line and three new stations – Stuttgart Main Station, Flughafen/Messe for the airport and trade fair grounds, and Mittnachtstraße rapid transit station in the new Rosenstein district – will increase the capacity of the Stuttgart rail node.

The city's main station will be converted from a terminus where trains end into a through station, but the historic station, with its striking passenger building, tower and colonnades will be integrated with the new structure.

The new Flughafen/Messe station will link the region to the south of the city to long-distance and regional transport routes.

The project will open up unique urban development opportunities in Stuttgart: tracks that now slice the urban fabric in two will give way to a new neighbourhood right in the centre of Stuttgart. This will create more green space, new housing and jobs.

DISA was awarded by Zublin the underwater work and installation of the concrete flooring on the Stuttgart 21 "Bau des Tiefbahnhofs mit Talquerung".