Article: Specialist in Innovative Underwater Solutions Embraces Sustainability

Published on: 25/08/2023

Article by R. van Gils  

DISA International, as a specialist in groundbreaking underwater solutions, doesn't shy away from any challenge. This globally operating company makes contribution to major infrastructure projects in our country, as well as playing a role in significant offshore renewable energy sources worldwide. Since 2003, an international customer base has relied on DISA International's inventive and comprehensive solutions for the marine and underwater world. "Diversification and international expansion have led the company to further develop and deepen its expertise. We are now active worldwide with different divisions, namely offshore oil and gas, civil construction, and offshore renewable energy sources (enabled by C-Ventus)," says Managing Director Didier De Graaff. "For all these sectors, we have a well-filled order portfolio thanks to the trust of our international customer base."

The divisions of DISA International each make use of the knowledge, expertise, and developmental power of their own Technology Center. "From within this division, we develop and provide specialized equipment, such as a wide variety of diving gear and ROVs for all types of underwater operations, allowing our people to make a difference worldwide," emphasizes De Graaff. All of this is facilitated from the Technology division, with warehouses in Belgium, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States.


Since 2008, DISA International has also had a strong focus on offshore renewable energy. DISA decided to establish a brand and company for offshore wind farm services named C-Ventus Offshore Windfarm Services. "Through this, we provide specialized knowledge in the areas of installation, operations, and maintenance (O&M) for offshore wind farms," clarifies De Graaff. "Today, C-Ventus is a dynamic and continuously evolving company specialized in offshore wind. To date, we have closely collaborated with key players in this sector on over twenty offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, successfully delivering safe, cost-effective, and high-quality services. These include maintenance and assistance during installation, whether through diving and rope access techniques or through project management and engineering." DISA International now boasts an impressive team of almost a hundred employees. "Additionally, we rely on a flexible pool of at least another hundred enthusiastic technicians. We are always on the lookout for driven and motivated talents to serve our clients optimally. Be sure to check out the vacancies on our website or feel free to contact us. Who knows, you might soon be working on one of the many wonderful projects too."