Certification completed

Published on: 18/09/2019

Following the recent PQR welding publication on the 6th of August 2019, DISA International has been able to demonstrate that underwater welding can be enhanced and applied to a next level of requirements. Especially the welders themselves are required to provide consistent quality on these special and challenging projects. A specific certification process was needed for the divers which was developed by Haprotech Welding Training and Certification. After an intensive period of training and testing on the LMK's for SL and ML, the divers were qualified. All this according to the international standard AWS 3.6M, class A and B. A major difference with regular qualifications are, among other things, the essential parameters of depth and water quality and the LMK certification according to (design) NEN-EN-ISO 15614-9. Manuel Langius, our in-house welding expert, has received the company certificates and the certification of 12 DISA divers.