Published on: 17/08/2023

DISA International is Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence in the Subsea Industry.

Antwerp, 28-9-2023 — DISA International, a renowned name in the Subsea Industry, is excited to commemorate its 20th anniversary as a trusted provider of diving and underwater services.

Since its founding on 1 October 2003, DISA International has consistently led the subsea industry by providing an extensive array of services that involve commercial divers, industry professionals, marine and subsea experts, as well as pioneers in underwater innovation. Throughout the past twenty years, the company has established itself as a trusted name known for its unwavering dedication to safety, environmental responsibility, and the delivery of exceptional subsea expierence.

In a heartfelt expression of gratitude, Didier de Graaff, Managing Director of DISA International, extended appreciation to all colleagues and reflected on the company's remarkable journey, stating, "Our two decades in the diving industry have been marked by extraordinary projects and an unwavering commitment to pioneering innovations. We eagerly anticipate continuing our mission of delivering secure and dependable services to our esteemed clients for years to come."